PPS 320-256-144 Pumping Unit

Unit complete with approximately 22,995 lbs ECB.

Ex-Works – Frobisher, Saskatchewan. (Some units may be available in Calgary with lead time.)

All units come with:

  • High mount or Direct mount, bridle, carrier bar, tie-downs, full or partial belt guard, mesh perimeter guards.
  • Gear reducer – Double Circular Arc gearing.  Extra Oilers – Able to run 1 SPM.
  • Horse Head – Cut out to reduce wind impact.
  • Equalizer bearing assembly – Heavy duty needle roller bearing, with cross pin connection to walking beam.  Made from Forged Steel Housing.
  • Saddle – Double tapered roller bearings used.
  • Stroke Length – ALL UNITS have 4 possible stroke lengths.
  • Belt Guard – Full or half guard available.
  • All units complete with EcoGrid – (see Brochure).
  • Only Premium Grease and Premium I0 100 Gear Oil with XM5 additive used.

All units are test run for 200 hours with max load.

All units pre-assembled and checked.

All units have a lower set height which converts to less gravel needed to set.

All units complete with 5 year warranty on parts and limited labor, twice per year inspections included.